The Truth About Thanksgiving Turkey Roasting

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9. Keep Turkey Leftovers Foil-Free
When you clear the table before dessert, focus first on storing the leftovers. A turkey carcass takes up nearly as much room as an uncooked bird, so break it down now. Remove any remaining breast meat or thigh meat in the largest pieces possible—in preparation for sandwiches—and wrap the meat separately first in wax paper or parchment, then in plastic. Separate the drumsticks from the thighs, and save the drumsticks, wings, and any other bones for turkey soup.

Whatever you do, don't wrap the turkey in foil. The salt and iron in the bird can corrode the foil, leaving smears of aluminum on the meat.

Now that you're well armed with this essential information, relax with the confidence that you can handle this bird and enjoy the feast and festivities.

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