10 Questions for David Cross

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GL: On your amazing series Mr. Show, you said you don’t eat any food “that has the approval of the masses like doughnuts and hamburgers.” What do you eat?

DC: Just lobster rolls morning, noon, and night.

GL: In Arrested Development, we see your character, Tobias Funke, shower with shorts on, sport blue paint, and make occasional trips to the frozen-banana stand, but we rarely see him eat. What would Tobias like to eat? Would he cook?

DC: I don’t know him very well—he’s fake— but I imagine he’d enjoy frozen bananas, popsicles, shish kebabs on the skewer, and other phallic foods.

GL: What do frozen bananas mean to you?

DC: World peace.

GL: What do you consider the funniest food, inherently?

DC: Inherently? Hmmm. I guess people.

GL: In The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, you sell the energy drink “Thunder Muscle.” What’s in the secret formula?

DC: Depleted uranium left over from North Korea’s nuclear program.

GL: You can have dinner with any four comedians in history. Who would they be and why?

DC: Jonathan Winters, Katt Williams, Bill Hicks, and Janeane Garofalo. Because I would think that would be a pretty fun dinner. And it would be nice to see Bill again.

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