The Search for the Perfect Fork

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But I suspect the chunky–silverware era is coming to a close. Design trends tend to trickle down from the expensive and avant–garde to the mass market, and the most stunning new silver in recent memory is Dutch designer Marcel Wanders’ Jardin d’Eden for Christofle ($1,295 per place setting). A wallpaper–like carpet of blooms runs up the handle and over the back of the spoon, and it is available with or without gold accents. It is not my taste, but I do like the shape of the fork, with its slim shaft and close–set tines. The wallpaper is a contemporary twist on the raised and bulbous flowers of old. In five years maybe Lady Hamilton will look plain rather than fancy. But I am sure I’ll still be happy eating with my perfect fork.

Alexandra Lange is editor of the brand–new curated cultural site Let’s Get Critical, and blogs weekly for Design Observer. She is coauthor of Design Research: The Store That Brought Modern Living to American Homes.

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